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My name is Per Knytt. It used to be Per Ekman but I’m trying to confuse my enemies. This is my vanity site where I inflict upon the world things that I write about stuff that interests me. Case in point: this introduction, which I’m writing because I’m fascinated by me. I started out with a Commodore C64 in the early 1980s, worked for years with supercomputers from Cray and Silicon Graphics, and now I’m writing networking software for tiny embedded processors with a quarter of the RAM that the C64 had. Back to square one!

I don’t consider myself a noob since I’ve been around the block one full revolution, Java wasn’t even invented when I went to college, and I downloaded my first Linux distribution (Slackware 2.1 or 2.2) onto floppy disks. On the other hand I don’t know COBOL, I dislike FORTRAN and I’ve never used a punch card, so I’m not an old fart either. I guess I’m just a fart.

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